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The ZaZ Incubator Is Launching!

Boston is a global city - known for it’s rich history & diverse mix of cultures. The ZaZ brand wants the world to look at Boston as a global destination for the best cuisine, dining experiences, and chefs.


To help build the community, ZaZ Restaurant & Catering is collaborating with Conduit Ventures &  The ZaZ Foundation to launch it’s first incubator for chefs working on launching their food & beverage business.

The initial cohort will involve 10 solo-entrepreneurs growing a food & beverage startup. As the ZaZ Brand expands, we want to provide access to the same resources and infrastructure that have allowed us to expand to 3 locations (ZaZibar Seaport to open in July 2023!)

Website Design

A 5-page website designed by ZaZ Subsidiary, Conduit Ventures.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email/SMS marketing during the incubator duration, designed to create repeat customers and deepen customer loyalty

Pop-up Space @ ZaZ

Access to host a pop-up out the ZaZ Restaurant & Catering Space once a month. 3 in-person pop-ups hosted out of ZaZ Restaurant & Catering’s Flagship Location in Hyde Park MA.

Zaz Food Truck

Access to use the ZaZ Food Truck once a month during the incubator ( 3 Food Truck Events)

 Strategy  Session

30-Minute Strategy Session once a week with the ZaZ Incubator team

Bi-Monthly Mastermind

Access to a Bi-monthly mastermind group with other members of the cohort, business owners in different industries, and other subject matter experts in sales & marketing.

Members of the Cohort will spend 90-Days working on their business, and will have access to:

Trainings For SafeServ Certification & Help obtaining Food Vendor License

Get the chance to take practice questions and learn about the specifics of SafeServ, so that you can operate legally and serve food at private events/ promote your brand without worry.


Onboarding Call to Get Specific Questions Answered

Are you interested in the Incubator but have questions? Jump on a Zoom Call with a member of the ZaZ Incubator team to discuss any details!


Access To The ZaZ Kitchen Space For Food Prep

For any entrepreneurs with who are interested in offering limited delivery or takeout options for their business during the incubator, ZaZ Kitchen locations will be made available on a case-by case basis. To use our locations, you must have all the required certifications on hand.


The Value Of The Incubator

Value Of Services Rendered

1 - Pop-Up Rental Fee: $500.00 minimum per event ( Total of $1500)

2 - Food Truck Rental: Minimum of $2500 per event ( Total of $7500)

3 - Website Build: One time fee of $1000

4 - Monthly Email Marketing/SMS Support: $400 a Month ( $1200)

5 - Commercial/Cloud Kitchen Access: $95 Per Hour ( Events being between 2 - 4 hours for in-person) $190 - $380 a month

What We Are Charging

$12,200 would be the standard price, or $4,067 a month - but because we are working in collaboration with our 501(c)(3) non-profit, the ZaZ Foundation, and because this is our pilot program, we are charging a nominal fee of $650.00 A month for 3 months.

1 - All members of the Cohort are expected to spend between 8-10 hours a week working on tasks assigned during the 30-Minute Weekly Check-in with the Incubator team. This won’t work unless you do!

2 - All Founders will need to show up to their scheduled 30-minute meeting with the ZaZ Incubator team on time and in a quiet space for their Zoom Check-in. Our team will work to accomodate all schedules for meeting times.

3 - The Cohort is $650 A Month for 3 months. Members are free to cancel at any time during the Cohort, and are not obligated to remain in the cohort or pay out for remaining months.

4 - Any payments made are non-refundable due to the fact that parts of the fee go into website hosting, website design, and Email/SMS collateral. We cannot recoup on time invested and for this reason, once payment is made at the beginning of every month - it is non-refundable.

5 - Members of the Cohort will be responsible for purchasing their own website domains - We take this approach because we want all entrepreneurs to have intellectual property. ( Can be anywhere from $10.00 & up for a domain name. We can support during this process.)

6 - Any content made by the ZaZ Incubator team or it’s subsidiary Conduit Ventures will be owned in full by the Entrepreneurs in the Cohort. We retain no ownership once the content is approved and delivered. Entrepreneurs are free to use the website, email/sms copy, and any graphics at their discretion.

7 -  Cohort members are responsible for purchasing their own ingredients for all dishes made during the ZaZ Pop-Ups ( Food Truck & In-person events.)

8 - Cohort members are required to obtain ServSafe Certification  during the cohort. The ServSafe Exam is $36.

9 - Entrepreneurs will be required to purchase 1-Day Event Insurance ( specifically for food service) for their pop-ups, which can cost as little as $5 an hour depending on the broker. Our team can support this process.

Incubator Contractual Obligations

How Are We Able To Offer Such A Steep Discount?

We are launching a pilot program, and so we know there will be things that will need to be improved in our service offering. This is a chance for us to launch and support an initial 10 entrepreneurs, while also refining the incubator.

ZaZ Foundation involvement

We will be collaborating with the Non-Profit Arm of ZaZ to help secure funding for this incubator.

Conduit Ventures

Our Subsidiary Conduit Ventures are Official Wix Partners, so our website hosting and buildout remain relatively inexpensive, especially for 10 businesses coming on at once.

Covering Our Expenses

Our revenue share for the Food Truck Pop-ups allows us to cover operational costs and recoup on initial investment.

We Are Aiming To Have Impact!

We are more concerned with impact, and we feel that our $650 a month price point, or $1950 total for the Incubator over 3 months allows us to work with more entrepreneurs without them being priced out.

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