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ZaZ Meal Prep Services

Proper nutrition is one of the essential pillars to a joyful & healthy life.

Our meal prep program is designed to give you access to healthy pre-prepared meals directly from the ZAZ Kitchen. Enjoy the exciting flavors of ZAZ while saving yourself the extra time you spend putting together dinner.

Save Time & Money with ZaZ
Meal Prep Services

Eat healthier, more flavorful dishes! Enjoy the complimentary mix of both Caribbean and Asian inspired spices for both lunch and dinner! Meal prep with ZaZ and avoid spending unnecessarily on your lunch break, or for dinner.

Wide Selection Of Pre-Prepared Meals

Order Instructions For ZaZ Meal Prep

  1. All orders MUST be submitted through the form below for the upcoming week by 5 PM EST on Saturday

  2. You must place an order for at least three plates


    All meals will be available for pickup on SUNDAY during your designated pickup window. You will receive a one-hour time window by Sunday morning.

Meal Prep Services
ZaZ Meal Prep Services
Please select the total number of plates you would like to order

Select your plates below - You can order up to 12 plates maximum.

ZaZ Restaurant uses all fresh and natural ingredients - we recommend freezing any dishes that you aren't able to consume in the first 48 hours to preserve freshness.

Plate #1
Plate #2
Plate #3
Plate #4
Plate #5
Plate #6
Plate #7
Plate #8
Plate #9
Plate #10
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Plate #12

Thank you for your order - please expect an email from our team with a receipt and any next steps.

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