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The Spice Route: A Grenadian Chef's Journey to serving authentic Caribbean food in Boston.

For the past decade a restaurateur has been growing a strong culinary & restaurant brand  in the historic city of Boston. This brand is inspired by the rich history and traditions of the Spice Isle, with intriguing flavor profiles from latin and asian cultures - creating something new and fresh in the packed Boston restaurant space. At the helm of these restaurants is Olrie Roberts, a Grenadian chef whose journey from of Grenada to Boston is a tale of perseverance, and the pursuit of culinary excellence.

A professional headshot of Chef Olrie Roberts
Chef Olrie Roberts - Owner Of ZaZ Restaurant

From Grenada to Gourmet: Chef Olrie's Culinary Voyage

Chef Olrie's story begins on the island of Grenada, known as the “Spice Isle''. Growing up, Olrie was surrounded by the lush bounty of Grenada - fresh produce, abundant seafood, and, most importantly, a variety of spices that would later become the cornerstone of his culinary creations. It was in this vibrant environment that Olrie's passion for food was ignited, a passion that would lead him on an incredible journey to Boston.

Despite initially embarking on a career in welding, Olrie's love for cooking never waned. His determination to follow his culinary dreams led him to Boston’s prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, where he honed his skills and further developed his unique flavor profiles. Interning in Spain and immersing himself in different culinary cultures, Olrie returned to Boston with a vision: to share the rich, aromatic flavors of the Caribbean with the world.

ZaZ Restaurant & Catering: A Taste of Caribbean food in Boston

In 2012, that vision became a reality with the opening of ZaZ Restaurant & Catering. Named artfully after his children, Zariah and Zalin, ZaZ is Olrie's legacy, a testament to his journey and his passion for Caribbean cuisine. Today, with three locations across Boston - City Hall, the Boston Seaport, and Hyde Park - ZaZ has become synonymous with authentic Caribbean food in Boston, offering a culinary experience that transports patrons straight to the Caribbean.

At ZaZ, the influence of Grenadian spices is evident in every dish. From the jerk seasoning that adds a fiery kick to the chicken to the fragrant nutmeg that elevates the sweet treats, these spices are the soul of ZaZ's menu. It's this commitment to authenticity and quality that has made ZaZ a go-to destination for Boston catering, whether it's for intimate gatherings or grand celebrations.

ZaZ Catering  Trays
Catering Set Up For An Event

Bringing the Caribbean to Your Table

ZaZ's catering services extend the restaurant's warm, Caribbean hospitality to events across Boston. Understanding that food is the heart of any celebration, Chef Olrie and his team work meticulously to create menus that reflect the diverse flavors of the Caribbean. From succulent meats marinated in rich, homemade spice blends to vibrant salads bursting with tropical fruits, ZaZ's catering brings a taste of the islands to Boston's events scene.

Moreover, ZaZ's presence in the community goes beyond its physical locations. Through participation in local food festivals and the launch of a food truck, ZaZ is on a mission to spread the joy of Caribbean cuisine throughout Boston. It's this passion for food and community that has earned ZaZ numerous accolades and the admiration of food lovers city-wide.

A Culinary Journey Worth Taking

For those in Boston craving authentic Grenadian and Caribbean food, ZaZ Restaurant & Catering is a spot that you need to experience for yourself. Chef Olrie Roberts' journey from Grenada to the heart of Boston is a reminder of the power of following one's passion. At ZaZ, every meal is a celebration of Caribbean culture, a blend of bold flavors and warm hospitality that keeps patrons coming back for more.

As ZaZ continues to grow and share the rich culinary heritage of the Caribbean with Boston, one thing remains clear: the spice route from Grenada to Boston has never been more delicious. Whether you're planning your next event or simply in search of a meal that transports you to the Caribbean, ZaZ Restaurant & Catering is your gateway to an unforgettable dining experience.

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