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Chef Olrie Roberts

Born and raised in Grenada, Chef Olrie Roberts moved to the United States as a teenager and began a career in welding to support his family. After a decade in the field, he decided to pursue his true passion: food. Chef Olrie attended the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Boston, interning in Spain and honing his unique flavor profiles along the way.

Catering platter from ZaZ Restaurant & Catering
Chef Olrie Roberts Photo Portrait

Opening ZaZ Restaurant

In 2011, Chef Olrie took a leap of faith and opened ZaZ, a restaurant that has become a cherished staple in the Hyde Park community. The name ZaZ is an artful twist on his children's names, Zariah and Zalin, reflecting the importance of family in his life. His innovative Caribbean, Latin, and Asian fusion cuisine has earned him the Boston Main Streets Outstanding Business Award in 2012 and the continued appreciation of patrons from all walks of life.

Waffles & Ice Cream
ZaZ Sliders
Rice dish
Overcoming Adversity

Despite the challenges of a year-long pandemic, Chef Olrie's dedication to his community remains unwavering. He has adapted by offering continuous take-out hours and meal-prepped orders delivered straight to his neighbors' doors, ensuring that the love for food and people at the heart of ZaZ always shines through.

Wine Rack
Empty wine glasses set up for catering service




ZaZ Platter Spread

As a Grenada native, Chef Olrie's culinary foundation is rooted in the fresh produce, spices, and seafood he enjoyed growing up with his grandparents. With nearly a decade of serving the community through ZaZ, he continues to share his passion for ingredients and creating memorable dishes for generations to come. As we look forward to a year filled with surprises and new opportunities, Chef Olrie remains committed to growing his legacy and serving his community through delectable flavors on lovingly crafted platters.

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