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Learn To Cook with Chef Olrie: Cooking Classes In Boston

ZaZ Restaurant, renowned for its Asian, Latin and Caribbean fusion cuisine is opening its doors to food enthusiasts eager to explore the rich flavors of the Caribbean. "Cooking with Chef Olrie" is an exclusive series of cooking classes that promise to transform your kitchen skills and introduce you to the world of Caribbean cooking. Scheduled for April 18th and 25th in Hyde Park, these classes offer both virtual and in-person options, ensuring everyone can join regardless of their location.

Dive into Caribbean Culinary Arts - Cooking Classes In Boston

Under the expert guidance of Chef Olrie Roberts, participants will understand how to use the unique spices and flavors native to Grenada, the "Spice Isle". Chef Olrie's passion for food, honed through years of experience and a rich cultural heritage, makes him the perfect mentor for those looking to delve into Caribbean cuisine.

A table with food from ZaZ Restaurant & Catering
Chef Olrie's Caribbean-Asian & Latin Fusion Cuisine

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The cooking classes will cover a range of dishes, from traditional Grenadian recipes to modern interpretations that showcase the versatility of Caribbean ingredients. Participants will learn how to use a variety of spices to elevate their dishes, transforming simple ingredients into gourmet meals.

Virtual or In-Person: A Class for EveryonE

Understanding the diverse needs of culinary enthusiasts, ZaZ Restaurant offers both virtual and in-person classes. Whether you're cozying up in your kitchen or standing alongside Chef Olrie in Hyde Park, you'll receive the same level of instruction and hands-on experience. This flexibility allows participants from near and far to unleash their inner chefs and discover the joy of Caribbean cooking.

Benefits of Learning from Chef Olrie

  • Authenticity: Learn authentic Caribbean recipes passed down through generations and perfected by Chef Olrie.

  • Skill Enhancement: Whether you're a novice or an experienced cook, these classes will enhance your culinary skills and introduce you to new techniques.

  • Cultural Immersion: Cooking is a gateway to culture. These classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Caribbean culture without leaving Boston.

  • Bringing ZaZ Home: By the end of the class, you'll be able to recreate the beloved flavors of ZaZ Restaurant in your own kitchen, bringing a piece of the Caribbean into your home.

Join Us for a Class

"Learn To Cook with Chef Olrie" is an invitation to explore, learn, and fall in love with Caribbean cuisine. Whether you're looking to spice up your cooking repertoire or simply enjoy a unique culinary experience, these cooking in Boston classes are the perfect opportunity to do so. We've got two upcoming dates & a total of 4 classes coming up!

Special Gift For Readers Of The Chef's Table

Thank you for joining us at the Chef's Table! As a token of our appreciation, we're thrilled to extend an exclusive offer to our cherished readers. Dive into ZaZ Restaurant & Catering and enjoy 10% off on your catering orders of $250 or more.

Just use the code “CHEFTABLE10” on our inquiry form. It's our way of saying thank you for dining with us, in spirit, through our blog. We can't wait to bring the unique flavors of ZaZ to your next event, making it truly unforgettable.


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